Getting Started Questions

What are sound waves?

A sound wave is a type of mechanical wave that can travel past solids, gases and liquids. It also has oscillation in the wave, as it it repeats itself. Sound Wave are caused by vibrations which the create the pitch therefore producing sound waves.

What are light waves

A light wave is a type of electromagnetic wave that is produced by light. Light waves are the only electromagnetic waves the human eye can visibly see as light waves can create coloured lights. An example of a light wave is a rainbow.

How fast do they travel

It depends on the condition of the atmosphere as density can be a major factor of discovering how fast waves travel. At sea level, sounds waves travel faster than what they would in dry air as waves travel through more density therefore allowing the waves to vibrate more. The speed of sound waves at sea level is 340.29m/s.
The speed of light is currently 299 792 458m/s.

How do we know they are there and measure them, if we can't see them?

The wave theory started with some of the wave properties becoming noticeable to people. These properties then led to a theory that certain sources produced waves. To discover certain measurements of waves, certain equations must be used involving the properties. For example frequency and wavelength must be used to get a certain measurement.

Can we bend light?

Light can bend, depending on what the light travels through. If light travels through a solid, light will often bend around the solid.

How do we make colours

Light waves often produce colours because it light wave has a certain colour. Violet is often shown when the light wave is short and red is often shown when the light wave is long. When all waves are together, the colour white is often shown. Below is the colour table.


How are we using these waves in everyday life

We don't realise that some waves are part of our everyday life. Sound waves, light waves and even the ocean waves are part of our everyday life. When we talk, we are producing sound waves from our voice box. Light waves are produced from certain lights that we use in everyday life. So may waves are part of our everyday life.

How do we hear?

We hear through our ears which sound waves or vibrations go through. Theres a part in the ear called the eardrum which sends the sound to a certain part in our brain. It acts like a messenger, without the eardrum our brain wouldn't receive the sound.


How do we see

Much like the ear, to see we need a type organ named the eye. The eye allows us to see with the lens which is located in the eye. Light is involved as it projects the images we see into our lens. From there, the lens send the images the light gave us to a certain nerve which sends the information to our brain very much like the ear sends the information. Below is a diagram explaining the eye.