The Eye and Ear


The human eye cannot visibly see waves. The only type of wave thats is visible to the human eye is light waves. The eye is a human organ which is used to see. Without eyes, humans wouldn't able to see what we see today such as our friends or even day to day things. Nerves are connected to the eye to send the images to our brain and because of that, we can see.

The human eye spots images and redirects them to the brain.

A diagram of the eye is below.



The human ear can hear some waves such as sound waves as they can produce echoes and vibrations which can easily identify the sound waves. Like the eye, the ear is a human organ which is used to hear sound. Without sound, humans wouldn't be able to hear sounds that we do today such as people talking and musical instruments. The outer side of our ear collects the sound and it goes through a part known as auditory canal. Similar to the eye, the sound gets triggered to the brain to notify us that we are hearing a sound.


A diagram of the ear is below.